The Infiniti Q concept car  was just premiered at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, showing us the design direction for their future collections. Compared to many concept cars shown at the show, the design of the Infiniti Q is in many ways understated. While the tight slats of the front grill and almost gill-like barely open headlights and tailights are unique, the body shape is something you could actually imagine rolling off the production line soon.

The interior is a bit more “futuristic” and in line with what you would expect from the freedom offered to the deisng team of a concept car. The almost Eames chair like seats stand alone with elegantly curved backs and a smooth and swooping center console extends all the way to the rear seats to offer two large screens to the passengers.

The rear doors are rear-hinged so when both front and rear are open, the entrance feels wide and roomy with no center column. A redesigned VC-Turbo four-cylinder engine allows the hood to be shortened and provides a very roomy cabin.

Expect elements of this concept to appear in all Infiniti vehicles moving forward.